Saturday, October 08, 2005

We're Smokin' Now!

Been awhile since my last post. With summer activities leading right into school activities for Dragonfly and Wolfbait, we haven't had any time for robotics lately. In fact, I tried something shortly after my last post and haven't even taken the time to get some pictures and write it up, until now.

So here it is, the H-bridge implemented on a circuit board. I soldered one up and started on the second--one for each rear wheel--and then decided to try the first one out. I hooked it up and turned on the power. One nice thing about the power supply with the load resistor (see June 1, 2005) is that when there's a short, there isn't a big puff of smoke. Nevertheless, the circuit quickly heated up and began to smoke. I shut off the power immediately, but I'm sure my MOSFETs are cooked. I guess I need to do some tests before applying power to circuits in the future. Of course, it doesn't help that my soldering looks like the amature job it really is. I don't see anything, but I might have shorted something with a bead of solder. Back to the drawing board...